Saturday, June 16, 2012

return of the eagles

Today is Fathers Day, and in honor of said day, it seemed appropriate to share yet more pictures from summer vacation. We were driving home from the beach, and wondered what the birdwatchers by the side of the road were all looking at...

These bald eagles were just across the street.

The mother eagle sits at the top of the tree.

while father eagle is at the nest,
young eaglets stick their heads up to look around.
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

I tell folks that when I say something isn't rocket science, I know whereof I speak, for my dad was a rocket scientist, one of the myriad engineers who worked on the space program, back when we had one. I grew up knowing that what he did helped with the Apollo, and Gemini, and later, with the Space Shuttle, and feeling so very proud that his efforts were part of that great enterprise. One of my very early memories, before all the rocketship stuff, is being carried outside, as a tiny child, into the dark street to see the satellite go overhead. Our growing up was a mixture of sky and earth, our family vacations were almost always camping trips. And, in some ways it seems to me, that the children of engineers have some commonality with children of the military, as we seemed to move almost as often. I truly appreciate all that my own father did for all the long years he was working, to care for our own nest, which traveled from place to place as the work did; wherever we ended up, on whatever coast, the love of my family was the ground beneath my feet.

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