Friday, June 8, 2012


Are you tired of "what I did on my summer vacation"? I'm not, but here, as a diversion, is a project that has been my carry along bit of handwork for the last two weeks...

Gryphon won this hand-felted pouch in a bardic competition, and gifted it to me. It is just the right size to hold my epi-pen, so I decided to change the Celtic embroidery originally on the flap for a design that would make it clear that the contents are for medical use. The next step is to sew a lining, and to add two small antler-tip toggles...

The red cross is to signify first aid supplies, as this will be used to carry my epi-pen, inhaler, and various other small medical bits at SCA events. Stitches used are mostly chain, some buttonhole edging, and a wee bit of bayeaux tapestry filling for the acorn caps.

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