Friday, June 15, 2012

denim dreams

As always, our plucky heroine requires portable handwork available at all times, so progress on the cardigan (item #1 - Summer 6 PAC) continues, as there are many small parts that need attention. So far, the front has been sliced open, the edges serged and then bound in coordinating indigo cotton. While it would be wearable at this stage, it will be far more visually interesting with a few more details.

Family and some friends gift me with random bits of cloth and clothing, and the front edges of a "designer-denim" vest were cut off and saved several years ago; they will be a perfect addition to this cardigan. The actual buttonholes were not at all well stitched, so my current bus handwork is to reinforce all six with two layer stitching, in the same way that hand-stitched tent grommets are made, by stitching every other one deeper into the whole cloth. Since the thread is almost the same color as the denim, and the scale of the stitching is so very small, it will not noticeably look odd, but will greatly increase the likelihood that the buttonholes will not blow out.

The two fastening panels will be hand stitched onto the center front edges next. I hope to find some scraps of the decorative denim, either the alphabet or the floral, hiding in one of the boxes of fabric scraps, to use for patch pockets.

Whilst out and about today, we stopped by the "Garage Sale at Community Warehouse" where my housemate had seen some independent pattern company designs scattered in the bins of patterns. Two for one day meant that (for only $2 total) this travel jacket pattern with "hidden pockets" and this this not horribly-cutesy diagonal patchwork dress pattern both needed to follow me home. Very rarely purchase fitted patterns, due to the necessity for substantial alterations; that jacket has potential for later in the year (the curved banding and shaped peplum add a nice feminine line) and the patchwork dress looks to be another way to use up some of the myriad smaller pieces of fabric that fill up so many boxes here. We shall see... but first, the test of Sisters of Edwardia, and the basic clothing must take precedence.

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