Wednesday, June 13, 2012

...can't stop the signal

The world is full of good folks, over and over again finding that to be true in my own life, in ways large and small... our plucky heroine has received a Kindly Contribution, from a benefactor (who shall remain nameless here) that will allow me to purchase two pair of the "Socks of Extreme Squeeziness" which will now and forevermore be my podiatric companions. As with many other aspects of medical foo, not only is any lymphedema treatment not covered by my insurance, but neither are the prescribed compression stockings. While my days of enjoying the delights of Sock Dreams are now only a wistful memory, it will not be necessary to find a location to host a bake sale or two to raise the funding for these uncomfortable but required objects.

Thankful indeed for the assistance, and wishful indeed that we all could get all the care needful to become and remain in as good health as possible. It is hard for me to accept help, hard to know that despite working since age 15 that I could need help from others, but a good lesson to remember that folks want to help, and to accept kindness in the spirit it is offered in. No one can help make me not have had cancer, but kindness and love helps me find ways to live with the collateral damage. However difficult the path, my friends and family hold a different kind of healing in their hands and hearts, they cannot walk my path for me, but walking alongside, it is less lonesome. The necklace of lovingkindness let them come with me in hospital, the notes and ephemera stuck to the walls here and there in Acorn Cottage remind me of dear ones far away. I will survive, I will not let this stop me from doing as much as I can in the time that I am here. There are adventures to explore, and art to be made, and creative life to be lived! ...can't stop the signal

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  1. Love this post, and sure do love you!!