Wednesday, May 23, 2012

wildflowers - known and unknown

As mentioned, our plucky heroine, while not yet up to bushwacking, really enjoyed what she could do on the recent trip up to Mt Hood... (note to self: must get busy in the sewing room, pinafore dresses are no more suitable for woods scramble than they are for beachwear! As strength returns, sturdy trousers or overalls will be needful) While other rangers disappeared into the forest to look for deer sign, there was plenty interesting to see just along the forest service road, or in nearby clearings:

there will be wild strawberries later in the year

1000 ft of elevation makes a big difference,
Trillium is done down where we live, but blooming on the mountain

Vine maple blooming, backlit in a clearing

As suspected this is our native Red-flowering Currant

my guess is something in the manzanita family?

Oregon anemone, or blue windflower, beautiful and
a somewhat uncommon denizen of moist forest in the springtime

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