Wednesday, May 9, 2012


in which our plucky heroine is determined to continue putting one foot in front of the other...

Was wonderful having four days to visit with my Mom and Dad, the weather was cooperatively warm and bright, giving them a change from New England, which currently has our grey rain. It was odd but comforting to have them take me to my radiation appointment on Monday, have not had parents take me to doctor in many decades, and I know it was reassuring for them to see the treatment center and staff.
To complete the trip back to childhood, we stopped for ice cream afterwards; Ruby Jewel Scoop Shop makes some really delicious treats
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G came down for the weekend as well, so it was a mixture of meet the parents and intense sewing madness to complete more safety gear. I am doing well to find projects that are absorbingly complex without being too strenuous, and the sewing is a good one for that. G decided that a camera pocket would be a good addition to his work vest. Somehow, since the pocket-shaping ended up with two little points on the outer top corners, G looked at them and said "owls"! To which I replied "I can do that..."
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Random travels round and about yesterday - came home with a summertime straw hat from Goodwill, which after being bleachwashed and set out in the sunshine, will be trimmed with a summertime hatband, and have the inner edge lined with petersham for comfort. Truly, not sure it be possible to have too many hats. In addition, this book on photography came home to live on the craft bookshelf. Simply written descriptions of camera functions, many good examples and suggestions about photographing crafts, and a number of useful tutorials on DIY photo aids, this should be a helpful book indeed. And in the discount movie bin at FM, found a copy of Into The West, which has been on my very short list of films to own for the last several years. Will be a treat to share the bittersweet whimsey with friends who've not see it.
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This part of my journey, the radiation part, is in some ways the most difficult, but am determined to get through it and out the other side to as long and healthy a life as possible. Med foo was quite unpleasant, the second (of four) brachy treatments yesterday... Tried to have a better attitude, wore my stripey purple socks to give the techs something fun to look at, wore my power necklace*, brought the prayer blanket and my own pillow from home, and tried to be less hysterical and more calm... still felt like a bug pinned to a board for over an hour, but halfway through now... got to tell the story about superpowers, which got a few smiles...

I did not realise that there would be a CAT scan before each treatment, and that each time they reconfigure and recalculate the radiation. (so not only am I getting radiation in my ladybits, but also the radiation of my entire lower torso from the CAT scan four times in two weeks) I had hoped that after the first time, with the very long time pinned to the board that the next three would be only as long as the radiation itself, but I need to wait "in position" each time while they do the new calculations. Ow Ow Ow! While having the probe inserted is not "comfortable" it is not too bad, just very wierd. The painful part is lying on a very hard board, flat on my back and unable to move for almost an hour. My tailbone and my sacroiliac joints are absolutely miserably painful, and that pain lasts for hours afterwards. I wish that there was either a way to soften the plank that you lie on, or that there was a "massage option" for afterwards.
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Put one foot in front of the other, continue to step towards the unknown future,
trust that there will be ground under foot, and a future to step in to...


  1. Hello,

    I came to your blog via Artisans Square. I enjyed my time here. Adore!! your hamster (Did you design him?)

    I am sending your page on to friend so he can enjoy hamster also.

    You have a very powerful way of sharing your feelings and experiences with notes, photos and illustrations. Thank you for letting me drop in and visit. I'll come by again.

    Hugs and best wishes in your treatments.


  2. Thank you for your kind words Carla. I am always glad to hear that folks enjoy my words and pictures

    I did not design the hamster, but found him online here, along with other interactive customiseable "gadgets":