Sunday, May 27, 2012

new era

Our plucky heroine is currently in the middle of shifting things around at Acorn Cottage, to allow space for my pal Rafny to move in temporarily, along with the two large cats she shares custody of with her sweetie Barret. Making room for a human is comparatively easy; making this place suitable for feline habitation is a lot more complicated. Wool fabric needs moved to the cat-free zone, the tiny bathroom needs rearranged to suit the needs of both species, and all accessible appealing trinkets need boxed up for the duration...
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Moved some fabric from shelves in Rafny-room-to-be (was guest room) to shelves in studio, and SCA closet. I have a scary amount of fabric, as witness the additional stacked boxes now in my bedroom. Will be moving the sewing machines into the studio as well, for the interim. I foresee many lost things being found, and many new things being lost... BTW has anyone seen my good sewing shears??
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Along with shifting mass quantity of supplies and tools, am still smackdab in the middle of getting the travel vests finished for my Mom, must needs be shipped out posthaste on Tuesday. First one (reversible, sunset/autumn-leaf color to khaki-green paisley) is finished and I am at the point on the second lighter-weight one of binding the edges, so will make that goal in time, yay!

Since the second vest is ponte knit in plain solid brown, it seemed to be just a bit of fun to do some detail work on the pocket. Took a strip of the selvedge edge, which had a wee bit of fringe, and stiched it along the top of the pocket, turned then topstitched it with both straight stitch and zigzag.
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Decided that an attempt committing to post every day there is access online will be a good thing. The tendency is to write when the bright world seems bright, and maintain radio silence to a greater extent when darkness rises. Since one of the disciplines our plucky heroine has held to for long years is to pay attention to blessings and beauty, there is always something to focus on instead of the dismal medical/insurance/lack-of-care situation, which so far is not moving at all. So, instead of extra whinges and tears, look for more updates on walkabout-lookabout, more tree bark and flowers, and more ongoing projects, as well as random thought...

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