Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday fragment

I reckon this comes under the heading of "if you don't ask, you don't get"...

Yesterday was my third brachytherapy session. This one was easier to handle, if only because I knew what to expect. In addition, I called the day before and spoke to the nurse about how very painful the positioning was, and asked if there was any way to adapt how I was required to be positioned to make it less agonising for my sacroiliac and tailbone. In response to my request, this time she put a heating pad under my lower back, and also used quite a bit more pillows to raise my lower legs and thighs in a way that helped my back be less curved. It helped a lot, still not what I would call comfy, but I did not spend the whole time I was there with tears leaking from my eyes from the pain, and on leaving the office I was able to stand and walk without pain as well (last session I limped for several days afterwards)

Dunno why it did not occur to me to speak up earlier, other than that not being greatly experienced in the ways of medical-land, I have no experience with what aspects are a necessity and what are able to be modified. While there is no way to make the procedure terribly dignified, it turns out not to be necessary for it to cause intense pain...
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