Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ah that's better - a tropical sunset

My beloved mother enjoys travel. (indeed my entire family of origin does, I travel far less than would be my wont, given appropriate resources) Quite a few years ago, I made her several reversable "travel-vests" with internal and external pockets, but not in the photographer vest style, but rather more subtle, in colors that would coordinate with her other travel clothing. Initially inspired by a Threads article written by the woman who designs the Saf-T-Pockets pattern line, I modified the construction to use my own favorite techniques. ("Can you say bound edges, I knew you could...")
While she was visiting, we made time for a trip to Fabric Despot, where she chose several different options for two new travel vests. The new reversible one will have a subtle khaki-green print on one side, and the other side is a vivid print with all the colors of a tropical sunset, or a New England autumn. This is a real bold choice, but one that will look wonderful with my mother's coloring and beautiful hazel eyes, as well as coordinating with many of her summertime clothes. It is fun for me to work with colors so far outside my own palette, and to make more useful fun things for the woman who taught me to sew many years ago...
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