Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday tidbits

in which our plucky heroine continues playing with yarn...

Since my parents will be arriving here in only ten days, it seems kindhearted to actually finish the wool slippers for both of them... Mom's were finished months ago, but the slippers for Dad have been languishing at the bottom of the knitting basket. Not okay. So today included sorting out the yarn, and tinking back to a row that would let me have some idea of how many stitches I added to the original pattern to come up with something Dad-foot-sized (more or less, since they will be felted after knitting.

The pattern is only nineteen rows of knitting, so goes really fast. I found that the slipper needs a bit more coverage over the instep, which on the Mom slippers was dealt with by knitting a small tab that added a bit of style as well as better fit. For my Dad slippers, I am trying a different approach and added a bit of short rows to the instep before felting, making them a bit more like clogs; am curious to see the result.
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This project means putting the Ultramarina shawl on hold for just a bit, but I could not resist heading out this morning with S to look for a suitable border yarn. Turned out more difficult than expected, to come up with a color that did not fight with the intense blue, and also looked pleasingly "gem-like". After trying Happy Knits (with one of the best selections of Madeline Tosh around)and being quite unsuccessful, we ended up at Twisted, where a single skein of Lanaloft Worsted seemed just the thing, a strong royal purple to play happily with the blue.
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There was purple to greet us in a yard near where we parked, these heavily clustered violets were underneath a venerable pink dogwood tree. Had they been growing in my yard, at least some would have been harvested, for the flowers and leaves are both edible and full of vitamins. Not everyone is partial to flower flavors, but years ago in Paris, violet ice cream was a real treat, and even a few violet flowers make a delightful salad garnish...

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