Thursday, April 5, 2012

trillium time - mostly pictorial

In which our plucky heroine takes a bit of a break from city life, to head north to Emerald Keep. Has been long days since I was strong enough to be out in the woods, since December last year, since before my surgery. The new growth all round the greenwood, the very air filled with soft moist sweetness, is healing...

There were massive amounts of branches and trees that fell in this winters storm, the week that I was in hospital. There are open places now along the pathways, clearings where there was deep shade. It means much to me to greet another springtime, to see the bright light of the trilliums again, to breathe the forest air...

In the two days there was time for visiting friends, for a town and country ramble, in a break in the seasonal rain there was time for Dorje and Little Sister to make sudden loud noises, and there was time just to recharge...

(In The Woods)

greenwood beauty, different at every turn...
ferns and moss and indian plum

indian plum blossom

between the rain, blue sky, clouds soft and low

fractal green, the moss fronds and the fern feathers

barely taller than last fall's leaf litter,
tiny pink blossoms are everywhere.

these lovely faces greet those who walk the greenwood paths

Not always alone, trillium sometimes dance together in the rain...

downed maple branches so full of greenlife
buds still sprout and grow

upturned mushroom caps catch the light between the rain

this stump, in decay, is full of life

landscape too small to touch

at the close of day, the evening star graces tree branches

(and In The Town)

wandering round downtown Olympia,
even the back alleys are colorful

we were hungry,
McMenamins Spar is reliable and decorative

'Tis doubtful that even the pressure cooker
will make these into a tender tasty dinner

Through a locked gate -
. .
the stakes lead through the dark to a red canoe,
and more mysterious objects...

no visit north is complete without some Toshi time - just ask him!

still life in blue, behind the Menagerie pumphouse...

back in the city, watery grey light shines
through a lantern inside the Courtyard Restaurant

after the greenwood, is a whole different world back in urbania,
under branches of steel and wire instead of fir and yew...

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  1. Ah-hhh. Thank you for the green. The moss and the flowers... just lovely.

    Joyce in Wisconsin