Sunday, April 22, 2012

a small mystery solved...

In which, among other things, our plucky heroine resolves to bake a cake and find an answer...

Yesterday, most mysteriously, my lawn was mowed while I was napping. There was no clue left to relieve my curiousity and gratitude. First try across the street, where there had been lawnmower action earlier that day, was without success, but for a suggestion that the "folks in the green house were seen with a push mower". Aha! My own next door neighbors indeed, who now have a treat for Sunday afternoon, a small, still warm, chocolate loaf cake. Is this a great neighborhood or what?
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

Have made a good start on the lapis shawl, about a quarter of the new yarn is already knitted. The combination of silk and merino means that there is a slight silvery haze over the blue, like the bloom on a plum. Wishing that I'd ordered one skein of a purple for the border, that would look really nice... Shall look round locally for an interesting border yarn; if another beaded border will be suitable, then another trip to Shipwreck for beads will be necessary... maybe these matte cobalt crow rollers?
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

At the end of May there will be some temporary short term new inhabitants of Acorn Cottage; my pal S will be staying here till she and B find housing in Eugene for themselves and their two large cats Toby and Pye. It will be quite an adjustment a grand opportunity to get the public spaces here suitable for feline living.

Over the next month many small knicknacks will need be boxed up, and just perhaps some of the neglected dusting and sorting will happen... Organising my abundant craft materials and supplies is as difficult for me as dealing with the abundant avoirdupois that I carry around every day. The tasks both appear so overwhelming that a beginning is rarely made, and even more rarely continued. (I have started dealing with my weight, by keeping a food diary every day, have done this for the last week, now that it seems that I will likely survive, it seems worth doing more to improve my well-being)

I can envision the joy of being able to easily lay my hands on any desired equipment, to readily find the yarn or fabric in my stash most suited to a particular project. There is storage room allocated here, open shelves and drawers, but mostly at present badly filled with boxes of randomly packed things. Wishing will not shift the stuff, working on it will... Let us imagine, then, that by this time next year that both my person and my homeplace will both be lighter and more coherent.

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  1. Good neighbors are priceless! I am in love with the blue yarn.So glad to hear some cheery news.