Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday snippets

For a short chunk of time this afternoon, it felt like just being where I was, was okay. My heart was peaceful and happy, while not ignoring the trauma just passed or the unknown future, the now was warm and blue sky and sun heading towards the horizon, and the wheels under me carrying me home...

Yes indeed, today our plucky heroine took to the streets on her bicycle, for the first time this year, the first time since my surgery! Was a bit wobbly, but made it the entire way to New Seasons and back. Heading over there with the afternoon sun warming my back, chasing my shadow all the way down Rosa Parks, like some large toddler cut loose from her trike. Despite my age, I feel so childlike on the bike, a kind of pleasurable glee at the freedom. Perhaps exacerbated by my usual attire, a mid-calf loose dress (sometimes with a pinafore), my grey hair streaming under that concession to the modern streets, the bike helmet. I am not a fast rider, and in the bike lane am often passed by lithe grown-up people covered in spandex. I am not in a hurry, I pay attention to to the bright world all round me...
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first one seen this season, hanging out on a strawberry leaf beside Trillium School... Turns out, courtesy of my friend J for sharing the info, that there is a "Lost Ladybug Project" tracking ladybug sightings all over, since:
... populations of ladybugs around the world are inexplicably disappearing, and these once-ubiquitous little beetles also perform an important service in the natural world: controlling the population of harmful crop-destroying insects...
including this type, the "Two Spot" Ladybug or Adalia bipunctata. It was very satisfying to fill in all the blanks on the submission form, to look up the latitude and longitude and altitude of the place, to transform my observation in a way that turned it from not only a pretty picture but also helped with actually doing real science!

Not sure exactly when I shifted primary interest to making rather than observing... As a girl I loved science class in school just as much as I loved art class, learning about the natural world fascinated me; there were geology trips to find fossils in road cuts, afterschool programs on marine biology; as a child, lived in an educationally rich environment the likes of which shall probably not be seen again for ordinary folks...
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My carbon steel #6 Opinel, pocket companion for over twenty years, has gone walkabout again, nowhere to be seen, alas. There are a lot of knives here at Acorn Cottage: a decent assortment of kitchen knives, including two I made myself, and a number of Norse womens belt knives that are part of my SCA kit. Though there is a bitsy knifeblade on my Leatherman, I want something a bit larger for my EDC. L came by to hang out after work with S and I earlier this week, and in response to my no-knife whinging, let me have a look at his pocketknife... OoooOh, shiney! His Gerber Magnum Junior fit my tiny paws perfectly; had never had a chance to try a knife with a thumbhole before. The size, shape, and weight of the knife was just right, and the ease of one handed opening felt really intuitive. What has it got in it's pocketses indeed?? Encouraged by my beloved G, a new knife is on order, (since L was understandably not interested in donating his to the cause...)
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I have no idea why I am suddenly drawn to the idea of a new party dress, I have less than no need for such a garment, but am finding the idea of partial layers of transparency interspersed with layers of opacity drawing my interest. The Ava (Liberty Patterns), and this more local Macaron, (Colette Pattens) seem very appealing, even though the patterns are not at all drafted to fit the body I live in or the life that I live. I shall simply let these ideas float entertainingly through my head, while I busy myself with safety yellow cordura, and reflectorised webbing, and bits of polartec to pad the edges of the custom safety vests. There is no place for multiple dresses of lace and silk and velvet in my closet, but for some reason, that is what is dancing in my head...
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My Grandpa's Weeder has disappeared, which means that the dandelions and the tansy will soon overtake the crabgrass. How it could get legs, or why someone would take that from out of the pile of garden tools is unknown. There needs to be another one acquired, it is a tool in steady use, and one that will not be too strenuous for me as I continue to heal from surgery. Turns out that the company is also local, so there will be a field trip to Lake Oswego in the near future. K is interested in how well/if the tool will grub out scotch broom.
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hurry and worry, drama and trauma
keep both sets of siblings far from my door...

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