Monday, April 30, 2012

monday musings - moving along downstream

feels like there has been quite a lot of water under the bridge since last able to post freely...

Dear G arrived late Friday, along with the news that he will be training on a new machine starting Monday, so will be transitioning to temporary daysider. This meant setting the dread alarming clock for much earlier in the morn than is our wont. And sure enough, it went off right next to my head in far fewer hours than desirable, and dang near caused levitation + falling out of bed! (the idea is to start being awake earlier several days before necessary, to allow adaptation...)

Saturday morning included a trip to RCT for more sewing supplies, to complete the second safety vest, and for wide webbing to customise workpant belt loops for carrying tools. I plum love that store and the sweet woman who works there, she is always interested in the projects we/I are creating, and has great suggestions for suitable materials.

Later that afternoon was the Resiliency Ranger potluck, where much educational fun was had experimenting with various ways to start fire. It is much harder than it looks, if you take matches and lighters out of the picture.

Several braziers were set up on the covered patio to allow safely trying out flint and steel, magnesium and firesteels, and some of the Rangers created a bow drill from some split firewood! I still am truly inept with flint and steel, though I know a few friends that can start fire that way as fast as with matches; had much better luck with the newly acquired firesteel...
Useful tips are to be generous with the magnesium shavings, and to have PLENTY of additional tinder and small dry wood bits of various sizes right to hand, it takes a lot more than might be suspected to actually get fire to the point where you can leave it long enough to grab more fire-food
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Have experienced quite a variation in customer service experiences in the last few days... Century Link (phone and internet) has not made me happy at all. Service here at Acorn Cottage is currently intermittent, despite repeated calls to repair and tech support. There is something very annoying about being placed on hold for extended periods of time, and forced to listen to ever-repeating adverts suggesting that you switch to this new improved type of internet connection! Had no one thought of the fact that folks calling their internet tech and repair line have a problem with that "improved connection" and would be better served by soothing music, perhaps??

Completely different was my experience on the phone with the good folks at Marlin, and with the service desk at Midway. Both places got me competent coherent humans after only a minute or two on hold listening to lively instrumental music, and both places did not imply that I had caused the problem, but rather were eager to help me resolve the issues (being new at this did not realise the significant difference between 1894 and 1894C, and so had accidentally ordered the wrong parts, and in addition, some parts are only available directly from the manufacturer) Those interactions did not have a deleterious effect on my blood pressure, but left me smiling. Perhaps in more than one way, an armed society is a polite society...
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Ended up missing both SWAP and the spring 6PAC this year due to medical foo, and so need some new clothes to brighten things up here at Acorn Cottage!) Have been feeling well enough to get back to sewing, done a bit of safety equipment sewing for the sweetheart and now is time for some summer things for me. Signing up for the Summer 6PAC. Realised when we had an almost 80F day a bit ago that I'd really like a few more summer dresses, so I might modify the plan to be four summer dresses, one pair of woodland rambling pants or overalls, and one really light overshirt or vest, as that combination will work best with the clothing already in my closet and dresser...

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despite impending irradiation,
trust future path be always under foot

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  1. Once you master starting a fire you will need to master how to make and keep going a matchstick.Look it up in the Tom Brown books.

    It took us several tries to get it just right but finally got it.