Thursday, April 26, 2012

electronical whinge

our plucky heroine is not happy today... woke up to find that for some unknown reason there is no internet connectivity at Acorn Cottage. Spent over an hour waiting for tech support from gorram Century Link only to be told to do the same exact things I'd already done on  my own before calling. Might be able to be fixed if they send a tech out tomorrow. Walked to library to check emails and blogland. I wish that I had one of those nifty little laptops with wifi. Well, time almost up here at library, so will be offline until the internet is restored. Sigh, it feels so isolated...

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  1. Hello, Alison.

    Sorry to hear that you've had trouble with your services. If you'd like, our team would be happy to see what's going on with it and what it would take to get it working properly.

    You can email us with the details here:

    Thank you!