Saturday, April 28, 2012

brought to you by the letter C

Yay! Internet tubes full of cats are now flowing freely, and our plucky heroine is cheerful again, not the least because she has G here visiting for the weekend...

This is your one day announcement, Crafternoon is happening here at Acorn Cottage tomorrow. Show up anytime after noon, drink tea, eat tasty snacks, work on projects, meet the mysterious G, enjoy lemon poppyseed cakes, etc etc... (For more information and directions if needed give me a call)


  1. intertubes full of cats indeed. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. well one of my more high level geeky friends once explained to me that the interwebs is made up of tubes and the tubes are full of cats, which is why there are so very many pictures of cats online... so we were joking that the problem with my internet connection somehow involved a misplaced virtual hairball blocking the electrons...