Wednesday, March 7, 2012

wishful Wednesday

mostly wishing for energy and inspiration, been a mighty great lack of the above round here lately...

Not that all is unwell, mind you, healing is proceeding slow and steady, sleep when she chooses to grace the cottage comes peacefully and without the nightmares that have troubled me for many years, and there are signs of springtime rising all over the neighborhood.

The last few walkabout days were also time to practice with Complex Camera, like driving a car vs riding a bike, it allows greater possibility than Easy Camera, but with much greater input. Still figuring it out, and remembering how very difficult I found learning to drive. Required much time behind the wheel, and for years I could not even listen to the radio while driving. Of course, eventually it did become easier, and now, even without a car of my own, the activity of driving is mostly on automatic reflex, allowing attention to be on what is happening around the vehicle, with tiny amounts for music and passenger talk. In time the new camera will become a similar extension of my intent. Whenever it seems that I will run out of things to see on my limited walkabouts, I invariably find something new...
ivy dreams of spring ...

patina pathways

old and new red

mosses and lichens living in harmony

words to live by...

'tis important to know
which way the wind blows...

" decide which is real
and which is an illusion..."

~ : ♥ : ~

Many good folks have shared books and movies, to keep me from going quite mad while convalescing. Nicole not only has brought me tasty food leftovers, but also a bag full of "books for the journey" which is proving very useful indeed. I am currently partway through the way of transition, which is speaking directly to the very odd state of mind that I find I am living inside of.

"It is as if you had let go of one trapeze at the circus and then discovered that there were not yet any provisions made for sending another trapeze swinging toward you. But the transition process does not depend on there being a replacement reality waiting in the wings. "
~ : ♥ : ~

In additional really good news, yesterday the errant knitting needles turned up, after being put away Someplace Safe two months ago; not in the tattered and cracked black case from a set of socket wrenches that I remembered, and that they had lived in for decades, I somehow decided pre-surgery to put them in a pretty basket-box. And to hide leave said box at the bottom of a pile of similar but empty boxes. What was I thinking? Nonetheless, all the borrowed knitting gear can be returned to my generous friends. Pictured above is "choco-bun", a whimsey made from scraps of wool yarn and two hematite beads - because sometimes it is is necessary to just be silly and knit something kawaii.

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