Thursday, March 29, 2012

knit a Laurel

Well that was a project with an amusing result... I started the test knit last week, for the Leaves of Lothlorien Scarflette, but quickly decided to turn it into a hat decoration instead. After all, every Laurel needs some knitted regalia...

Called it finished after completing 18 leaves. Was an easy knit, being simply all garter stitch turned back and forth with short rows to create the leafy shaping. The annoyance of getting the every-growing length of leaf and vine caught in the two yarn strands while working back and forth was solved by neatly bundling up the leaves with a hair tie. There is a bit more detail about my knitting process on my Ravelry project page.

Two cycles through the washing machine have felted it significantly, the length is shortened to 26” long and the leaves are now about 3”… The Shetland yarn softened up quite a bit after the washing/felting. I really enjoyed knitting with the Jamiesons, maybe at some point I will indulge in an assortment suitable for colorwork; I'd never tried true shetland before, and now many techniques seem a lot more functional (can you say steek... I knew you could!)

Letting it dry flat for now, and will think about what sort of autumnal hat this will best adorn. Perhaps in a past life I was a milliner, given how much I love to make hats and decorate them...

. .
a knitted circlet, and a closer view (before felting)

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