Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friday fragments

Despite being past the vernal equinox, last night was dipping closer and closer to freezing, and our plucky heroine rode home from dinner with friends through falling snow, the snow on the plum blossoms incongruous and lovely, the snow still on the ground when daylight again, the hens let out into a yard all blanched white and cold...
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The improvisational shawl project is starting on the second skein of ravenwing yarn (Tosh Vintage, colorway mare), and on request from the library several of the Nickie Epstein knitting books - an interesting knitted border in a different color will be a good edge finish, and the books should arrive about the time they are needful...
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Have also been working on a test knit* of a leafy shawlette, but rather than wrap it around my neck, it seems to call out to me to become a knitted Laurel wreath, suitable for wrapping around an autumnal hat. The Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift has colors that are subtle, vivid and glowing in two shades of yellowy-green and slightly blue-green, and is very easy to knit with. It has a very different hand than the currently popular merino yarns, but feels as though it would be much more durable. Not sure if in the end I will leave the project as is, or try felting it.
first leaf, and a half, many more needed
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Another chance to visit with K and D, (in addition to the adventures getting K new spectacles yesterday, and the lebanese feast last night at YaHala), we met for sushi lunch before they drove north to Tacoma, dropping me back at Acorn Cottage on their way. It is always a treat to see D, I wish she lived closer than Ohio.
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Very soon will be time to return to my workaday world, but for now, long hours of walking continue to be part of my daily routine. This leads, inevitably, to more photography. Complex camera is slowly becoming more familiar, and will eventually become as good an extension of hand and eye as simple camera already is. Practice makes progress.
there are signs of spring
soft against the underbrush

this morning there was snow everywhere
this afternoon, delicate flowers

green-furred tree crotch

reflections caught in a tiny pool of melted snow
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Another bit of good news, is that after much much searching I did manage to find a local gynaecologic cancer support group. Perhaps being around other women who are dealing with similar issues will be of help to me. The counselors I have talked to so far have not been very useful, and while I am feeling much more like myself again, there is a long road ahead, with many unknown twists and turns. Sometimes I wonder which is the delusion, to feel all shattered and damaged, or to feel back in my ownself and sound. I no longer know, and in that unknowing is my path forward...
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*there is a Ravelry group "Free Pattern Testers" where you can sign up to test knit patterns for designers. Some of the patterns will end up being free, and some for sale, but the test knitters get the patterns free in exchange for the work of testing the pattern, and giving feedback to the designer...

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