Wednesday, February 8, 2012

wishful Wednesday - possible projects

Some days up and some days down, finding that balance point between, where equanimity lives, is a challenge that I suspect will be lifelong. The amplitude of that wave has been run through the graphic equaliser of long years, and even with this level of current challenge, is well below the red zone. There are some gifts that come with silvered hair and smile lines...

Currently working on the baby-gift bundle, and while the sweater is about halfway done (whoever called it a five hour sweater obviously knits like the wind) As that will be finished in the next few days, I've been finding a number of projects online that appeal:

Next will be a cloth puzzle ball, sometimes made up in felt as a pincushion, but one of my long-term standard homemade baby toys, being easy for tiny hands to grab, and fun for slightly bigger hands to roll. Rambling round my long list of crafty blogs, I found this charming baby vest, which looks both simple to knit, simple to apply to said baby, and like the most useful sort of keep-warm layer. Must check and see if there is any nice soft DK yarn in stash.

And on the keeping things both useful and tidy, this charging station might be a good addition to Acorn Cottage. Astonishingly, I have not one but two of those small Samsonite cases; one (collaged with old children's book illustrations, is used for carrying teaching supplies when I am a guest instructor, and the other was just impossible to leave behind at a garage sale a few years ago. It would be a lot nicer to see a tidy traincase on one of the bookshelves here rather than the current tangle of cordage.

These are probably the most whimsical storage tidys ever for knitting paraphernalia! If'n I'd something like this, my knitting gear would not now be lost somewhere in the depths of the guest room, but could remain readily to hand.

so, it seems that my wish for this Wednesday is to be able to continue making things for many years to come... fingers crossed that will prove to be the case.

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