Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday thoughts & thankfulness

Have not really felt like posting lately, as am really wishing that I was stronger and/or healed already; walked over two miles yesterday trying to out-walk my dark megrims. Our upcoming trip to the indoor range, and fun with sudden loud noises, will surely blast my gloomy thoughts to smithereens...

Truly I am fortunate to have had so little prior experience with long convalescence... and will continue to work on learning patience, and making my peace with uncertainty. Those tasks are lifelong, though many ignore them, I never have; this new difficulty opportunity sorely tests what progress I've made and finds it not enough, not yet. To live in the now is a challenge.

It is known (to some) that by dwelling in the present,
conceding what is necessary to past and future,
but no more than is necessary,
it is quite possible to live happily ever after

~ Edgar Pangborn

Found this music while reading a very thoughtful post over on Cold Antler Farm...

The kindness of my friends continues to brighten my days:
As my box full of knitting needles are all put away "somewhere safe" and hence entirely unfindable, my desire to productively use some of the yarn stash has been curtailed. Well, I am now in much better straits, since J came over a few days ago, brought me two sets of double-pointed needles and stayed for evening tea and chat. Also while talking with C, and mentioned the current dilemma; she sent over a large stash of vintage straight needles on loan, as well as assorted cotton yarn suitable for knitted dishcloths. Once I finish the baby vest, dishcloths are a good quick easy project to add into the rotation; I shall make some for her, and then a bunch more for the kitchen here. Handknit ones work eversomuch better than the storebought ones, and I like having enough that they can get changed out at least once a day. They just get run through the regular laundry.

N came by with a assortment of dinner meals all packaged up, and also brought me some chicken bedding. It was great to see her, and have time to visit. I really respect her knowledge and useful points of view, and as well, it is a delight to hear about the ongoing process of her great art project: the remodeling of her home. For some, that might not sound much like art, but she has not only done most of the planning, but her ideas for the interior and exterior involve much imagination and artistry of both various professionals in stone, iron and wood, and also her own efforts. The outdoor gardens around her home are equally lovely and creative, the most current addition is the rainwater/greywater garden that spirals water through between curving raised beds that grow assorted edibles...

Longago, as a little child, we had a kitchen gizmo, the Toas-tite maker, and my mom would use it on the stovetop to cook circular sandwiches full of melty cheese, or tuna and cheese, and on a few notable occasions, melty cheese with crispy bacon in the middle. Little did I realise that this venerable gadget is now highly collectible; me, I prefer to keep it as a relic of my youth, and to use for creating tidy picnic fodder. In fact, I bet it would work equally well over a wood fire as on the kitchen stove.

New Studio Ghibli film opens here this weekend, an adaptation of Mary Nortons classic novel "The Borrowers", which I read and loved as a child... Might have to go see it in the theater,
(I just had to post the UK trailer rather than the USA one, I plumb HATE the Disneyfied voiceovers, and b'sides, "The Borrowers" tales are set in the UK)

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