Friday, February 10, 2012

spyglass grasped

When the year was turning, I did not find any calendars in the shops or online that pleased me enough to want to bring them home. Usually several random folks give me calendars, (though not as many as give me soap as a gift... come the ZA, I have a whole medicine chest full of soap) but not this year. Decided that meant that I must needs make some sort of calendar, for though I was entirely uninspired to do any kind of drawings as in years past, 'tis needful that there be a minimum a calendar near the computer, and one in the kitchen. I like the idea of changeable artwork moving through the year. I chose an assortment of my favorite images from last year, had them printed on cardstock, and left the whole thing sitting on a clipboard, the whole project feeling like just too much trouble to bother with...

While rambling round the neighborhood yesterday evening, was thunderclapt with the realisation that this was very bad juju indeed, and must be remedied. Whatever levels of mind might think that there is no future for our plucky heroine must needs be contradicted in very concrete and material ways. So, today's project has been to assemble the calendar from the assorted parts into a functional and beautiful tool for looking forward. A day spent with my dear friend Rois, and midst tea and cakes and lunch and talk and japanese movies, there was quite a bit of cutting and stamping and pasting of paper bits. Came home and sorted through my favorite quotes to come up with twelve that feel like positive words for the next twelve months (since am getting such a late start, the calendar will go through January 2013):

It is known (to some) that by dwelling in the present, conceding what is necessary to past and future, but no more than is necessary, it is quite possible to live happily ever after
~ Edgar Pangborn

It is only people who live humdrum lives who get surprised if things seem a little bit odd. If once you push your mind and body a little further than they are accustomed to be pushed you get used to things getting odder and odder the further you go
~ Elizabeth Goudge

All things are literally better, lovelier, and more beloved for the imperfections that reflect the human effort that went into their making.
~ John Ruskin

Time is a dressmaker specialising in alterations
~ Faith Baldwin

A true source of human happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life, and elevating them by art
~ William Morris

If you don't like having choices made for you, you should start making your own
~ Neil Stephenson

In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors
~ William Blake

To see that your life is a story while you're in the middle of living it
may be a help to living it well.

~ Ursula LeGuin

Act as if what you do makes a difference.
It does
~ William James

The Things
that Make us Happy
Make us Wise
~ John Crowley

Try to remember a life gentled by daily acts of domestic faith —
the pot set to boil, the bed made up, the table set
in calm expectation
that when the sun sets
we will still be here

~ Lynn Ungar

Nothing is a mistake - there is no win and no fail - there is only make
~ Corita Kent

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  1. Very bad ju-ju to be without a calendar! Some of the quotes are going to find their way to somewhere observable in my life. I feel that I am rapidly progressing to a new version of childhood, which after all, is all about being in the present.