Monday, February 13, 2012

shake-n-bake Crafternoon

in which our plucky heroine brings back a popular activity - Sunday Crafternoon (No, we are not going to be frying chicken) on the 26th of February...
A social afternoon of tea and handicraft is something that has been missing from Acorn Cottage for several months. I can still provide an assortment of tea for folks, but will need your help, since my usual pre-Crafternoon baking frenzy must of necessity be curtailed, some assorted sweet or savory snacks would be an excellent addition to bring. Projects are welcome but not required, (I'll either be knitting or doing beadwork) and the latchstring will be out from noon till five-ish. Drop a line or give a call if you need directions...


  1. I hope you had a wonderful time. I'll be out in June to see my Dad. If you have time for tea, that would be delightful.

    1. I would be amazingly happy to meet you for tea in June!

      (By then, if all goes well,I will probably be working again, but as I am self-employed, my work schedule is flexible, and can be arranged at my convenience)