Tuesday, February 21, 2012

last week's look-see

Walking around and around the same streets of my neighborhood, it can feel challenging to continue to find interesting things to photograph. I long for greater variety, for new neighborhoods to look at, which has the result of both pushing me to walk further, and to look deeper at what is there to be seen, even in soggy grey February...

it was not raining when I set out on my walk

spring comes to the city,
and flowers find a place to bloom, however unlikely...

I never tire of the patterns underfoot

green softens the brick patterning

along the top of the wall, tiny steps down to a hidden pool

slender dancing birch maidens grow up to be strong trees,
with the lines of age etched deep in their skin

trees grow slow, lichen grows slower,
we flit across time in the blink of their eye

so soft a sign of springtime ahead

the imprint of the past leaves marks on the future

grow where you end up, store what you can for when it is needed...

the sun just set, the sky still vividly blue,
and the workaday folk head for home...

• • •

Finished knitting the baby vest (for the gift box that will be sent to friends A & S). Even with my very unusually slow progress, this was an easy knit, and for someone with a bit more time and focus, it could be done in a evening or two, (rather than over the course of a week while watching DVD Westerns and napping.
• • •


  1. The evening sky, so beautiful!. Hope you are feeling stronger.

    1. Body continues healing, not as quickly as I'd like, but improvement is ongoing...

      I watch the sky always. I lived, for a time, in a place where there was a vista, where you could see for a long way off down the Delphi Valley, where there were cows and fields across the street, and not more houses. It hurt me a lot to leave that place, even more than the dreams I left there, to leave behind that kind of everyday beauty was a wound. But the sky is always there, and always accessible, however closely packed the built environs, and for a long time after that, was my eyes and spirits escape. While I live in the city now, there is a long view only a few blocks away, more beautiful at night when the industrial fairyland is all sparkly lights...