Monday, January 9, 2012

tuesday tidbit - talisman beads

I have been doing my best to find a pathway to calm acceptance of this journey that I find myself on. On Friday, my dear friend Rois sent me this letter, describing a project that she began for me, a talisman for my upcoming surgery:
My Beloved Friend Alison,

I have been thinking about you and your up coming surgery a lot and hearing you when you speak of your worries over the whole process and going under during the surgery.

Yesterday on my way home from work I hatched a plan as a way to help you feel the love and good wishes everyone has for you during this time.

When Sol was due my Midwife asked all of my friends to give me a single bead, all of those beads were for a Birthing Necklace to bring Sol and I love, strength and good things. I wore my necklace during my labor.

I have emailed many of your friends and asked them to A. send you a bead and B. pass the request forward. The response to my email has been awesome. : )

It is my hope that soon folks will be stopping by with their beads or sending them via the mail. I made sure everyone knows to get the beads to you ASAP since your date is close.

I want you to have your necklace as you are waiting in pre op and to have afterwards to remind you that each of those beads represent a friend who cares and wishes you well. I know you are a person who needs to see things and have things you can touch. I hope each bead can help you feel strong and not so alone.

I love you and you mean the world to me. We all can't be there to hold your hand and wipe your tears if they come. But we can be there through our beads as a reminder that you are LOVED and things are going to be all right.

All of my Love

Her thoughtful and kindhearted idea brought me to tears. I do not know who she has contacted, but should any of you out there also want to send me a bead*, it would be much appreciated. The circles of love that we hold one another in are the true wealth of the world, that I know to be true.

dog is restless, ears up
and watching the door

T-minus 10 days

*let me know if you want/need my contact information


  1. Aw you made me teary.I really do love you my dearest friend.

  2. love love love, all we need is love.

    bead on its way!!! <3

  3. A bead is on it's way...although I need your street address.
    Sending loving and healing thoughts your way.