Thursday, January 5, 2012

precious and/or ephemeral

While I've not been very active lately, the SCA has been a significant part of my life for most of the last twenty years. My, how time flies! My enameling and metalworking skills have been much encouraged by folks desire for jewelry suitable for persona of various medieval and renaissance eras, and for award medallions and brooches that reflect the effort and acclaim such awards signify.

This is a quite elaborate piece of jewelry, that I made a number of years ago, and recently had the chance to see again and take a few pictures... The design is based on medieval Persian ornaments, with a central reliquary and an elaborate necklace. The enameling is a variation on cloisonne, using transparent tea rose enamel on silver for a vivid golden color.
The design of the filigree on the reliquary is based on personal heraldry, combined with the insignia of the Order of the Laurel, as this is a delightfully individual interpretation of the standard Laurel medallion. It was a joy to me to create this piece of regalia for my dear friend Goran; and to see her this last December at Yule Feast in Glymm Mere.

Today, after many errands, and being entirely unable to find a 2012 calendar that I wanted to look at all year, it was time to start to make my own. Since 2011 added an abundance of digital images to my files, that seemed a fun place to begin. The plan is to use half sheets of card stock for the individual pages, and collage the top half of each with one of my own pictures, and whatever else takes my jackdaw fancy... Perhaps I shall post the results, but for now, this is the page with the twelve photos that made the cut...
(click picture to embiggen)

with one ear up,
dog circles round,
ready to sleep

T-minus 14 days

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