Wednesday, January 4, 2012

not with real cats

in which our plucky heroine gets inspected injected and detected, though they did leave a few parts un-touched... (boy howdy do I wish that they used real cats* instead!)

After very little sleep last night, left the house this morning while the sky was still a very dark navy blue; the sun was up by the time I transferred from one bus line to another on the way to hospital. A kindly gentleman let me know not only where the transfer point was, but also that the hospital runs a shuttle bus from the big transit center all round the complex - must look into that for future trips, though I surely hope that I do not need to be spending a significant amount of time there.

While I was warned that it would be necessary for me to have an IV, it was a surprise to also be required to drink a quart of the most nasty-poison tasting "water" (iodine contrast dye) The other folks in the waiting room, each of us with our lovely quart bottles, we kept joking that this was the worst bar ever, that the drinks were not what we ordered, and suchlike...Having a bit of humor is always helpful!

As seems to be common, the technician told me that the "restrict liquids" before coming in for the test was NOT necessary and in fact made the IV more difficult. No sh*t sherlock - was rather horrible, because they had to use a big needle (I have weensy tiny veins, which match my weensy tiny paws) without any lidocaine. It hurt, rather a lot, even after they got the whole gizmo in place. I cried, rather a lot. Crying makes me feel like such a wimp. The actual scan was not too bad, and over quickly; there were nice pillows for my head and arms, and the most ergonomic cushion thing for my knees and legs (the tech said that folks always want to steal it! ha ha) The contrast infusion was MUCH more intense than the previous CAT scan. I kept telling the tech: "I'm on fire, I'm on fire!" As instructed, I spent a lot more time drinking water for the rest of the day than usual, they want you to flush all those chemicals out out out afterwards.

* the beautiful real cat in the picture is Fizzgig, who lives with my friend V.

dog is restless,
pacing the room,
T-minus 15 days


  1. I agree, that iodine contrast dye, is the worst part of the test! Glad it's over!

  2. Actually, for me, the IV insertion is the worst part.

    The good news is that the scan found no new areas of concern, which is one worry to cross of the list!