Tuesday, January 17, 2012

no puppies here...

In which our plucky heroine contemplates an adventure usually reserved for responsible dog owners... I figure as long as I can find my sense of humor, all will be well in the end, and I will stay "me"

Despite random flurries the temperature here is too warm for it to stick, so we seem to be spared so far the snowpocalypse that is in the forecast. Grateful for that, since little sister is arriving at the airport today. G will be coming down here to Portland later this evening, and while there is a lot of snow up where he lives, I have no worries about his driving.

More beads today in my mailbox, these are most obviously from my dear friends at White Hart Forge. there are even tiny runes on the iron bead (I shall have to ask H for a translation) Tonight or tomorrow will be time to assemble the gathered beads, with room for those that will arrive afterwards. When writing to a pal on FB I said to her: "the beads are a lens that helps focus the love"; indeed that is what talismans do, they are a focus, a seed crystal, a reminder and a message to our inner self...
forged iron and carved tigereye from H & D
floral lampwork bead from C (made by L)

• • •

dog will not settle
paces restless before the door

T-minus 2 days

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  1. You be brave, calm, strong, plucky, and cool. Everyone is thinking good good thoughts, sending out the love vibes. :)Runes on bead=Berkana=healing, women's stuff. Uruz, strong like bull! Tiwaz, victory!Life!Remember, if they offer you food or drink on the other side, don't take it.:)BIG hugs, Me n Dan