Sunday, January 8, 2012

Monday musings

Had a message this morning from the West Kingdom; the medallion that I finished and sent out last week did make someone very happy indeed. Now that it has gone to a new home, I can share the picture here... a heraldic Laurel pendant, with the main charge of the recipients arms, in a bas-relief rose setting with pendant freshwater pearls.

G came down to visit this weekend, much to my delight. We had plenty of time to talk things over (this being the last visit before my surgery); I feel so very lucky to have him in my life; this last year, for all the other difficulties, has been one of unexpected happiness. We mostly stayed in, there was movie watching and story reading, we moved the henyard fencing, and on Saturday night S & B came over to share some of my homemade gingerbread and tea, and we four played Carcassonne.

Having torn apart the guest room pile of mixed up fabric and stuff, everything now looks much worse (temporarily). There were four empty cardboard boxes in that pile! Two grocery sacks are full of paper recycling, three sacks went to Goodwill already, and it still looks like a rubbish tip in there. I keep telling myself that it will be sorted out by the end of the week. Found a good assortment of medium-sized baskets, to put handwork projects in for convalescent sanity-preserving. Am scouting around the cottage for tidy storage containers for all the fabric that will not fit on the shelves, or it might be better to put all the random craft supplies into boxes, and then use the closet space for additional textile stuff...hmmm... decisions decisions...

dog is sleeping
T-minus 11 days

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