Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday musings and media

In the cold morning, woke up and went to let the hens out, came back in the house for my camera; there is always something worth looking at, the trick being are you paying attention...

Frozen ice all wrinkled, last night's forecast snow merely mingy sprinkles.

Lacinato kale: the frost only brings out sweetness, when it reaches the kitchen.
• • •

I am so very grateful to have made it into OHP (after being on the waiting list for five years) before all this medical foo came down. For years had no insurance coverage at all, and while became pretty dang clever about how to manage to get at least minimal care, my situation now would be a nightmare if that was still the case. Even with the hours that I spend currently on the phone sorting stuff out, is much less problematic than would be otherwise.

Had my pre-op appointment with Dr Winter. It is a great relief to have confidence in the surgeon, and I feel that way each time I have met with him, that he answers my questions directly and honestly, not saying "oh don't worry it will be allright" I like that he has a sense of humor. I like that he gave me a hug. If, as needs must, this trip must be taken, having a good team on the other side of the equipment is comforting.

And on the civilian side, my support team of friends and family are the best. If wishes were horses I would ride away to the land of recovery in the middle of a vast herd. I will be posting in a while, (once I know what kind of help will be most useful, and once my kindly 24-7 helpers have returned to their regularly scheduled lives) and asking for short daily visits of helpfulness, for the few things that I will need help with. Wanna come feed the hens? watch a movie? keep me from going bonkers? Later this month those will all be options...
• • •

The multi-talented Terri Windling has a blog The Drawing Board, and often posts "Music For a Monday"; I have found real gems there...

This brought tears to my eyes, but then a lot of things seem to do that nowadays...
• • •

dog will not settle
paces restless before the door

T-minus 3 days

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