Thursday, January 26, 2012

faintly japanese

Toshi the amazing home health aide... (additional drool unit optional)

J has been cooking the most amazingly healing foods for me to eat; this is miso soup, with lots of sea vegetables, and some fresh-from-the-backyard kale and arugala.

yesterday K sent food, and along with the groceries, a dozen longstem roses in burgundy and apricot.

sleeping more than a preschooler, I have come completely unstuck between day and night, between light and darkness... when I am awake, I walk... when I am not walking, my mind is only partially my own, and partially out on the edge... watching movies is a place to rest, with gratitude to G for making that possible... I am not sure perzactly who I will become on this path. I can feel change happening, as I attempt to balance between the hard won self that I actually liked, and the unknown self I am becoming...

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  1. Hi, I was just visiting all the old can-jammers and I'm glad to see you're still posting! You're pics are beautiful!