Tuesday, January 3, 2012

becoming organised ?

In the nick of time, the current studio project is completed and sent off to it's new home. (You can see just the edge of it down in the bottom righthand corner; pictures after the weekend) Did feel good to get some shop time in, and thankfully there were no untoward hiccups in the process. When working on tiny things, I often remove my spectacles; being terribly nearsighted can sometimes be a good thing...

Next up for the Acorn Cottage rehabilitation team, aka our plucky heroine, is clearing the decks for rest and recovery. Finally starting to feel some mojo about that part of the process, or maybe it is the spell of the shelves working. Is very possible that there is more fabric here than will fit on that wall, we shall have to see.

On the shelves: lengths of fabric large enough for an actual garment. In boxes: smaller useful pieces sorted by color, to be used for embellishment. Dunno yet what to do with all the other random crap that is interspersed, will be curious to see what turns up. I'd like it very much if this became the Year Of Becoming Organised, which will be an amazingly useful thing if when I pull it off. After all, part of being resilient is knowing what supplies you have and where they are!

dog is restless,
pacing the room,
Tminus 2½ weeks

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