Thursday, September 29, 2011

(hot)pepper sauce to the rescue

in which our plucky heroine swears: "this cold willn't get the better of me..."

As part of my arsenal, I now have added this brilliant orange sauce. There are Nardello peppers growing in the side yard here; planted this year, they have actually grown to maturity, and now are ready to give their lives to the cause!

This was a fairly easy recipe to make, took a bit of time but made far more than what I would call "two servings", I put half the sauce in the freezer and still had enough left to serve several more folks. The immersion stick-blender worked just fine, yielding a sauce with just a bit of texture. Rather than over pasta, a bowlful of roasted cauliflower worked well. It might be interesting to make this sauce with some added sausage crumbles, and without hot pepper, for a different flavor profile, one of the sweeter apple chicken ones might really bring out the sweetness in the peppers.

Changes I made from the original recipe: left out the oregano (I pretty much always do that, not a happy flavor for me), and substituted cayenne for pepper flakes. Next time I make this, I'll be careful to add just a pinch of cayenne, I was a little more enthusiastic this time, and it came out pretty spicy! All to the good though, I have been chasing the rhino(virus) with hot pepper in my soup, rhinos hates hot pepper, so a spicy sauce is just the thing...


  1. Since wasabi sauce opens my head and I can eat more of it and not suffer than anyone has ever seen, I bought a tube of it and was eating it from the tube. Really, I stun people. Before that, I went to Arby's, got one sandwich and a dozen packets of Horsie sauce (horseradish) and started loosening things in the nasal cavaties. I canned jalapeno hot pepper jelly last year and love to eat it on Wheat Thins (or something similar) with cream cheese. A little bit of pepper jelly straight (sans cracker or cream cheese) really got things moving.

    There is no telling what I had, but 21 days of antibiotics would not bring the fever down or stop my misery, sinus pain, and misery.

    October is my allergy-and-I'm-going-to-be-ill month. I hope to hold it at bay this year.