Friday, September 30, 2011

born to be wild

This is what seven pounds of feral plums look like. There is a small tree wedged between the back of my shed and the cyclone fence. I love Italian prune plums, not only are they delicious for fresh eating, and trouble free to grow, but they are a snap to process for freezing: cut in half, push pit away, set on cookie sheet... Once frozen, they can be stored for future cooking or thawed and processed for shelf stable jam, sweet or savory sauce, or whatever you like. Not sure what these will eventually become, other than that there is a shortage of plum sauce* on the pantry shelves, and I also hear a crisp calling, maybe mixed in with the last three Akane apples, now that would be a most seasonal treat!

*"plum sauce" is not like applesauce, but more like a homemade version of Hoisin Sauce, being thick and brown and full of spicy garlicky salty savory sweet delectable flavor!


  1. Around here, the California Rare Fruit Growers host a "scion exchange" every spring. I picked up a variety of cuttings, and discovered that grafting on my feral plum was very easy.

    I wonder if you've got a resource like that in Portland?

    If not, perhaps I could mail you some scions and grafting tape.

  2. I love plum sauce on pork. I never thought about making my own.