Thursday, September 1, 2011

be prepared which our plucky heroine discusses an option for securing shelf-storage

When first we moved to Acorn Cottage, to my great delight, just outside the tiny kitchen was a floor-to-ceiling pantry cupboard... but fortune was not such as to allow me that delight for long.

First came the initial plumbing failure flood, which necessitated cutting away the back of the pantry to access pipes buried in the wall. Then, months later, the rogue water from that flood rotted the floor, which gave Demolition Boy (cursed be he) a free hand with destroying the entire thing. (I still do not understand why taking out the floor entailed also removing the pantry and laundry cupboards and their ceilings!)

Ikea is my friend, 'specially the as-is room. A combination of GORM shelving and assorted anchoring hardware from Winks was turned into a sturdy replacement for the now defunct pantry. But for those of us who live on the Ring of Fire, possible earthshaking is never far from mind. I grew up for about half my childhood in LA, and have vivid memories of earthquakes, not to mention the results from the Nisqually quake more recently, when I was living in Olympia. Open shelving is not a secure home for what it contains, should the earth move.
pantry shelves, now with slotted railings

Having little in the way of ready dosh, adding solid doors to GORM, while perhaps ideal, was not a current option. Instead, several slatted shelves from as-is were cut in half, and attached with giant ball-bungee elastics from Harbor Freight, looped through the convenient adjustment holes in the uprights. This creates a kind of railing (to keep the pantry goods from falling off the front of the shelves to smash on the concrete floor below) while allowing relatively easy access. The sides and backs of GORM have been neatly wrapped in extra heavy-duty plastic mesh, stapled in place, which being indoors, will not suffer any UV degradation.
a closer view of a fastening bungee

The original pantry was much more "elegant" a structure, but making do with what comes to hand is a useful frame of mind to cultivate. 'Tis better, I think, to come up with a creative, if kludge-y workaround, than to not move forward. I feel much better knowing that my home-canned jam, and other pantry goods will stay put in the next quake, than if, in waiting for a "better" storage solution, everything was lost.

"perfect is the enemy of good"

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dog is sniffing the air, calmer today

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