Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wishful Wednesday

Look what I discovered growing under the redcurrant - 'tis purslane! Sounds odd, but one of the things that I intend is to have edible "weeds" growing here all scattered about, so as to increase the resilience of Acorn Cottage. Have not really yet begun the project, save by getting better at identifying edibility when found.

I do have some salad burnet that has seeded into the driveway cracks, but that is not one that I am particularly fond of; oh it tastes good, but the prickly-chokey texture of the leaves is not very appealing. (I'd welcome suggestions for other ways to eat that one)

I've heard good things about purslane, indeed, can buy various selections of it from gourmet mesclun seed dealers, but had never seen it on the hoof, or had a chance to try it up until now. So I did. Snapped off a few sprigs and ate them. Pleasant tasting, green flavored and mild, and is very high in omega-3s, vitamin A, and antioxidants. Will definitely encourage it to spread and propagate itself.
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Finished the Pelican enamel project that was the last current one on the list, and it has moved out with R & J to be carried to Sport of Kings this weekend. Feels odd to think about shutting down the workshop for a few months. Will definitely be doing some drawing in the intervening time.
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A corner of my standing workbench: a kitchen island (from Ikea As-Is, and hence exponentially less spendy), with a thick butcherblock top and solid 4x legs.Is hefty enough to stay put whatever I use it for, which is nice, since all the other workroom furnishings are much less stout, being, for the most part, made up of various other Ikea components, mostly Ivar shelving. I like having various workstations at different heights and in different corners of the room. Might be "less efficient" but it keeps my knees and back happy.
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All kinds of gifty bits in the last few days. My neighbor M brought me these lovely flowers. and a bag of assorted veggies, which have been a good addition to the weeks meals. And tonight D & N came by with lavender, home-cooked dinners, and a large container of cooked rice (now all neatly labeled and in the freezer) Truly I am surrounded by kindness. Getting through whatever lies ahead will be eased by the web of connection, and my wishful thought is to always appreciate it...