Friday, August 26, 2011

upson downs

in which our plucky heroine is certain that she is not a show pony, and is getting really tired of jumping through hoops and having the bar raised each time... I'll be good, can I please have my equanimity back now?

Handfix™ has been going really well, all signs seem positive so far for a smooth recovery. I'd be keeping my fingers crossed, (if that was possible) Last night we'd unwrapped the hand so as to allow for washing overly warm self in shower, and initial cleaning of palm-sutured area. Well that was dumb - would've been smart to make certain of Proper First Aid Supplies ahead of time. Bad Resiliency Ranger! Do have plenty of bandaids (and a modicum of the other b's) but somehow neglected to have gauze or papertape on hand. Will not make that error again.

Fortunately sister is Very Helpful, and ran to the late night drugstore for suitable supplies;

(and not only with running errands and cooking), but check this out --->
before . . . . . . . &. . . . . . . . after
she completely organised the pantry here at Acorn Cottage - aren't I a lucky girl!
(p.s. I did have some supervisory input into categories )

~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

The scarey doctor appt did generate some small amount of useful information, but the primary testing intended for that office visit proved painfully impossible to carry out. And now your somewhat less than intrepid heroine is just plumb terrified at the prospect of being put under general anaesthesia, to have yet more pokety-scrapety-inquiry done. Even a post doctor-visit lunch at the Chapel Pub failed to regenerate my equanimity; am home again, headed for another shower and maybe a nap...
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

dog is spinning in circles and barking her gorram head off

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  1. What a nice reorganization; enjoy it. Best of luck for a smooth recovery.