Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday snippets

somehow, this cartoon seems to relate to the current situation here at Acorn Cottage...
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from Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology this week, also seemingly quite appropriate...
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

What images would be most helpful for you to fill your imagination up with? What scenes would heal and activate your subconscious mind, inspiring you in just the right ways? I invite you to make a list of at least five of these, and then visualize them often in the coming days. Here are a few possibilities to get you warmed up: peach trees filled with ripe fruit; the planet Jupiter as seen through a powerful telescope; a magnificent suspension bridge at dawn or dusk; a large chorus animatedly singing a song you love; the blissful face of a person you love.

Whether it's your time to ferment in the shadows or sing in the sun, fresh power to transform yourself is on the way. Life always delivers the creative energy you need to change into the new thing you must become.
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Last night in dreamland, the zombie bad guys were outside, in the street and under the windows. I wasn't alone though, and we had armament, and a plan. I thumped awake back into this world, in the middle of o-dark-thirty, as nightmares are wont to do, but was better than times past: scared (but not in terror confused about which world I live in), and comforted, to have an ally in dreamland. A drink of water later, and turning around a few times, I was able to drift back to sleep, and journey to a more peaceful part of the landscape...
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My kid sister is coming here to help me the first week after Handfix™; am thinking about a Saturday Crafternoon on the 27th (instead of the usual Sunday) That way folks could meet my sister and she could meet some of my friends. Not sure what kind of shape I will be in after the various kinds of medical-fu (hand and other stuff) scheduled for that week, but seeing my pals is always a cheerful thing.
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dog is dreaming - paws twitching and dream barking

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