Monday, July 4, 2011

media Monday - hope

Y'know that I find a lot of music online, either old favorites or songs and/or artists new-to-me but well worth the listening. Terry Windling has a feature, Tunes for a Monday Morning, on her blog The Drawing Board, that has led me to all kinds of wonders, just as her writing does. Though she lives in the magical land of Dartmoor nowadays, she grew up here in the USA, and I could do no better than to share with you some of her words for today, and one of her musical choices. In these days of diminished expectation and hard times a'coming round, it helps to remember the gem that Pandora found remaining. Back in 1775 and today as well, there is always hope...

John Mellencamp's music ... embodies for me the essence of a certain slice of pickup-truck, working class America: those big-hearted, left-leaning, union-joining, hard-working, open-minded, racially/culturally mixed, quick-witted, generous-spirited men and women that are the backbone of so many communities all across the country. (Mellencamp himself has done a lot of work for rural poverty issues and is one of the founders of Farm Aid.)
~ Terry Windling

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  1. wow! loved that video, always been a fan of the mellencamp. Thanks!!