Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday tidbits

Been carrying my camera around with me more often, and have been having fun snagging images of what is blooming around the neighborhood...

Today I noticed that the houseleeks on the next block, which started elongating their flower spikes in the last week or so, have started flowering. Some folks call houseleeks "hen-and-chicks", and while they originated in the old world, are widely distributed, at least in the various places I've lived. Apparently they are one of the most cold-hardy of the succulent family, and have been a plant friend to humans for centuries. Must gather a few starts to add to the garden here at Acorn Cottage, though not on my roof. If ever an outbuilding gets a green roof, they would be an excellent addition, might be fun to someday build a small henyard shelter that way.

One of my FB photo albums is just pictures of flowers, if you enjoy that sort of thing
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Yesterday took a trip over to Multnomah Village for acupuncture, in the hope of affecting some of my ongoing health oddities. the practicioner I saw had a number of sensible suggestions, and the treatment brought some almost immediate changes. I know that for most folks the idea of finding acupuncture relaxing seems counter-intuitive, but done properly, I have always found it so. Did my best to not fall asleep with more than a dozen tiny needles in me. What can I say, I know I'm odd...
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I have admired the work of Salley Mavor for many years, and have been inspired to create some of my own pieces in that style from time to time. Like any true artist, she is always moving on with her own visions, and there is a wonderful movie that shows a bit of the process and whimsey of her latest and larger work : RABBITAT (definitely worth taking time to view...)
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Have been reading my way through The Prepper's Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster. Shall be writing up a full book report, but so far am finding it to be a useful, hopeful, and clearly written overview of many aspects of daily life that will be easier to deal with given forethought and some attention. I will say that I found that having even done something as simple as keeping some easy to eat food on hand made my life better in the previous week and a half when I couldn't work or go shopping, (when my shoulder went south). "A Disaster" does not necessarily mean a Zombie Apocalypse, it can be something as common as illness or a loss of work for a time...

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  1. Falling asleep during acupuncture is common,Chance is known to do so.
    Miss you lots.