Sunday, June 5, 2011

turn turn turn

Thanks to my awesome Crafternoon pals, the henhouse is now properly reoriented! It has been turned 180° from the former location, and inserted into the appropriate gap in the salvaged fencing around the new chicken yard. (the old chicken yard will eventually become raised beds for apapargus and annual herbs)

For the next year or so, the girls will be busy killing the grass, scratching up the weeds (and eating weed seeds) and fertilising the future garden beds. Can you say appropriate technology? I knew you could... Not only that, but now the front of the henhouse is visible from the bedroom window, and I can see the lovely iron door weight made specially for Acorn Cottage's chickens by Heidi of White Hart Forge.

The fencing around the new hen yard is made from scraps of salvaged wire fence of various gauge and arrangement. It runs in a very rough semicircle around the end of the "stupid deck" and encloses the arborvitae on either side of the back of Acorn Cottage. This means that it also runs along the path from the house to the henhouse. Wire fencing is dark grey, and almost invisible in the twilight. Ask me how I know this...
based on the flagging of tent guy ropes, I've added some white flagging made from scraps of an old white camping tarp; while rather too ratty/fragile for actual tarp use, it should hold up well enough for the current use.

As you can see, the hens are not at all fussed by their new digs...

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  1. Sorry we missed the Crafternoon--We studied for finals.