Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday snippets

Yesterday was brought to me by the letter "M". A trip to Mill Ends where I acquired Materials (for a useful project), and on the way home was gifted with both Meat (tasty lamb bits) and Music (an iPod!, loaded with a great assortment of old favorites and new treats, which will make my workaday housekeeping jobs much more enjoyable) Truly I have wonderful friends!

On a street corner in my neighborhood, white wisteria clambers over the chain link fence and reaches for the nearby trees. Before last Monday, I never knew that wisteria was not only lovely to look at, but delectably scented as well; walking hand in hand through a soft June night is a memory that will be treasured forever...

Today managed to mow the front yard before it started raining, do a bit of weeding, then had a good afternoon visit with S & B, a kind of mini-Crafternoon. S is working on some new fun artwork, tiny monsters (magnets and pendants) for the upcoming Last Thursday Alberta Art shindig. B continued work on his paracord creations, and I began working on the screen window for G. The plan is to transfer the rough cardboard pattern to paper, cut out the bias binding, and bind the screen edges before adding velcro all around. The matching velcro will be attached all around the window frame, and hopefully will prove suitably bug proof.

"Wisteria" song not related to previous comment;
bittersweet in the way that Richard Shindell does so well

Across the street from the wonderul wisteria, this huge dark-leaf shrub is, I believe, a variety of European Black Elder. It is at least ten feet high and almost as wide, with myriads of pink blossoms. It has been a hope of mine, to plant some variety of this around Acorn Cottage, as elderberries are good for making a soothing syrup that is good immune support for those winter ailments and throat troubles.


  1. Lets have a conversation about Elderberries before you plant one in your yard.With some varieties the leaves,bark and twigs are very poisonous but not the berries.You might want to just do some wild gathering for your berries,the ones that grown in our woods here are safest.

  2. Yum, elderberry pie. My favorite.