Friday, June 3, 2011

a busy day...

'twas a shifted day for my ordinary housekeeping work, since the House of Five Dogs didn't happen on Memorial Day proper, but moved to today instead. After that was done, met with S and B for a very pleasant errand-running afternoon all around the town as it were.

Headed first to Uwajimaya, via the scenic route, across the prettiest bridge in Portland, then up and over Skyline Drive. Stopped at a sweet cemetery overlook, and the finally-springtime sunlight just lit up the mountains...

At Uwajimaya, not only was I able to find a large tin of soy sauce (not in plastic, I do not like to store wet foodstuffs in plastic) for my pantry storage, but they also carried a different line of asian veggie seeds that I've not seen anywhere else around town: Kitazawa Seed Company. Red Shiso, also called Perilla, is a favorite herb, and I'd neglected to save any seed the last time I grew some, had I known how difficult it would be to acquire some more, would have not been so careless. Anyway, there were both red and green shiso seeds available, so all is well; the red shiso leaves can also be used to add a pink color to homemade pickled sushi ginger. Showing admirable self-restraint, I did not purchase a copy of Porco Rosso, though it is on my very short list of desired DVD's; the modest (actually truly minscule) discretionary budget is all allocated for more utilitarian needs.

From Beaverton we curved back to the city, heading to Sellwood and the Dusty Tiger Mall of Collectibles, where my friends have a shop, doing business as Bear and the Raven (Facebook link) They both have an eye for interesting and unusual artifacts, but I was particularly taken with this treadle sewing machine. With only a bit of effort, it could be completely restored to full functionality.

and look at the gorgeous decorative woodwork...

Of course, there are all sorts of other delightful trinkets and treasures in their shop...
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

After that interlude, we headed back north, making a stop at Andy and Bax, to pick up some paracord for our Sunday projects - resiliency meets the Crafternooon crowd. The plan is for trying out making knotted hatbands/bracelets/etc as a way to add cordage to our EDC.* Should be fun! (or bring along whatever current handwork project you have going, or just come and hang out). So yeah, there is Crafternoon this Sunday, same as always, tea, snacks, chat and crafting; more tasty snacks are welcome but not required, I will have some, and tea... 1 PM to 5-ish this Sunday

*(By the way, after going out to Hillsboro to help with the SCA demo at the middle school medieval fair, it was with great amusement realised that Viking women were superb at EDC, my Viking kit has all sorts of useful tools of everyday life attached to my belt and brooches.)


  1. What a beautiful sewing machine. Did you bring it home?

  2. She didn't take the machine, just some awesome pictures of it. It's still looking for someone to give it a forever home...

    And seriously, those pictures are amazing. Love them!