Sunday, May 29, 2011

a field trip morning...

in which our plucky heroine follows the directions to the land of great big grass...

How can you not be charmed by instructions that include things like "Turn left on Dixie Mountain Rd at base of hill where a large barn has mural on upper part of wall. Follow the road for another 1.3 miles. Turn left onto NW Northrup Rd for about a third of a mile. Cross the little creek, and the road turns right and pavement ends..." The directions were completely accurate and without any difficulty at all, we found ourselves at Bamboo Garden Nursery.
some of these canes are as large around as my forearm...

giant timber bamboo "Moso"

timber bamboo "Sweetshoot"

the nursery is in the middle of woodland, so there are wildflowers

this is false Solomon's seal

and there are unusual cultivated plants as well...

flowering Flying Dragon citrus, a regionally hardy dwarf citrus
with contorted branches and astonishingly long curved thorns

in the lumber sales barn...

Now I have a terrible desire to plant timber bamboo in the front yard of Acorn Cottage... I know, not right now, there are sooo many other things ahead of that on the list... but it would be so delightful to have a bamboo grove in my front yard!


  1. Be sure you plant a variety that doesn't spread. We have bamboo in our yard and it is taking over the planter. We still need to get out there and dig it out.

  2. Not actually going to plant bamboo anytime soon, have much too much already on the to do list. But the kind of bamboo that I LIKE (giant timber bamboo)IS the kind that spreads.

    No, the next things on the "acquire plants" list are European black elder, and Italian prune plum...

    But boy howdy, a grove of timber bamboo is a beautiful thing indeed!