Thursday, April 14, 2011

the green path

Why did I have a hard time returning?

It really is springtime, and there are green pathways to follow into the woods, where all sorts of beauty is visible... That vivid viridian just beckons: come and look... pay attention... there is something new each moment, each glimpse, each step deeper... breathe in the moist rich air...

the moss lives here

in a myriad of varieties

wherever you look,
there is new growth

trillium bedecked,

look up along the branches

and bark of mighty yew

but do not walk carelessly;
there are folk who live here

on the hill,
or by the river

through the green tunnel
is another world,
a world alive...


  1. *ahhhhhhhh*

    Gee, where in the world could you BE???