Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday thoughts

Third day of MeMadeMarch, and it is grey and chill and damp outside. My clothing for today: Polartec leggings, printed rayon tunic top, blue denim jumper (edge bound in darker denim), navy wool handknit vest, Noro triangular wool handknit shawlette, blue handknit hat. Really, there was a handknit sweater over all this, but made it hard to see, so it came off for the photo.

It is becoming clear where some of the areas that need improvement are. Somehow, even the lighthearted way of thinking about wardrobe planning that came so easily to me last year is shifting, turning to slightly more "practical" ideas. Not that I've any intention of giving up either my beloved jumpers or my penchant for embellishment, mind you.

When the weather is chilly and damp, often my first layer of choice is a high-neck knit top, most usually a turtleneck pullover, and those are one of the few usable pieces of clothing that show up at Goodwill. Not sure that making my own is the best use of my limited sewing time, but is certainly possible if necessary. There are two lengths of thin merino wool knit in stash, that would be good ideal for exactly such, and now are earmarked for that layer.

There is only one pair of pants in my dresser at all, (other than longjohns), a very worn pair of overalls, so old that the pattern has disappeared. Finding two lengths of durable suitable fabric has become a pretty high priority, as while they are not often needed, when necessary there is no useful substitute. This is not exactly the imagined list of what sewing-for-me would be happening this spring, but summer dresses are fast and easy, and can be a quick evenings project once the weather warms up enough to need them.
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Yesterday, a trip to Costco with E allowed a start on re-stocking the "earthquake shelf" - canned protein, nut butter, dried fruit, and bottled water... (Now if the zombies attack I'll not need to subsist on jam!) Truly, after re-organising my pantry, the amount of jam was rather astonishing. Need to figure out good veggie storage (maybe some kind of solar dehydrator this summer?) and also acquire some of the Indian veggie curry things sealed in bags. Anyone out there have additional Useful Suggestions?
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A call this morning to Mutual Materials about concrete block was informative. Since my last inquiry, the cost has more than doubled. Delivery is available, but at far more than the cost of the desired block. Not sure if that means a switch to plan B, or C, but very possibly. A great drawback to lack of motorized transport is that materials acquisition is significantly more difficult. The water project has two components: tapping into the downspouts, and raising the barrels. Minimal concrete block cost is around $50 and probably finding someone with a suitable vehicle that is willing to trade for transport... The "plumbing" part is simpler, since that requires smaller lighter parts that can be easier to transport.

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  1. I'd be happy to trade for transportation to get building materials, m'dear. That's what friends (and vans) are for!

    BTW, have I mentioned how much I love your wardrobe?