Friday, March 11, 2011

thoughts on color

My friend E asked me:
I've been curious - in the past, I remember you wearing some brilliant colors, at least at Fair. When did that change for you? Was it a change in preference/ style, or more a shift in emphasis?
Long years ago, I did wear brighter colors in general. Several things shifted my color preferences over time...

I started noticing the difference between the comment "you look good" and the comment "what a pretty dress" and decided that I'd rather not have my clothes be wearing me, but vice-versa. As my hair became more grey, my personal coloring, always rather low contrast became even more so; I find that folks who have a lot of contrast in their coloring look better in stronger colors and higher contrast in their wardrobes (My friend V looks good in her bright colors because she has white white skin and dark dark eyes and hair) whereas if I wear bright cobalt and purple I just look washed out, and all you see is the beautiful color.

In some Japanese traditions, the brightest colors are for children, and the softest colors are for the elders, and that feels comfortable to me. Another theory is that our eye and hair colors will inherently look well when chosen to be worn as clothing, as they will be in harmony with each other and our appearance.

And some of it is, of course, greatly dependent on what is the intention of the wearer. I like having the colors of my garments be "unobtrusive" and having the details and handwork be what is noticeable, by those who care to notice. My personal modern wardrobe is (while easy to wear, and greatly pleasing to me) highly eccentric compared to what is commonly worn on the streets, even here in ecotopian Portland; by choosing my beloved dust and sky colors, my oddity is not obtrusive (such is my intent anyway)

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  1. Thankyou for the offer of help! I'll have a look around for a starting pattern, and then shout for advice if I need some. In the meantime I am studying your pictures closely! I was interested to see that you have used cord a couple of times - a fabric that I love, but wouldn't have made a dress from because I would expect it to be too stiff - but it looks great. I'm thinking I will go and wash my rust coloured babycord and see if it softens!