Saturday, March 26, 2011

random fragments

Despite the cold wind and rain, spring is on the way. There are flowers on the forsythia, and the ornamental plum trees that shade the front of Acorn Cottage all summer are dresses in their springtime finery, the delicate pink blossoms that precede the dark purple leaves. Those never last long, and the wind will turn them to pink snow across the yard, but for now, 'tis very lovely to look at. The street trees up on Lombard are also starting to flower, they are the much maligned ornamental pear trees (ornamental meaning no fruit) but for a few days each year, they soften a harsh environment...

Friday started most leisurely and excellently, as I was able to see the new ink that G had acquired the day before... (I had a hand in the drawing up of the artwork, following his requested designs and lettering, and collaborating via the interweb)This is the second time I've helped with artwork for skin art, and it is quite an honor.
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Spent part of the afternoon visiting with S & B chatting about resilience, and also taking pictures of my old car Nimblefoot, so as to be able to get the Craigslist ad up and functional. There is also a Yakima rack (bars, towers and locks), not necessarily being sold with the car - anyone looking for something like that? Would be willing to barter, as I've not much use for it these days.
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My online pal A in Tennessee sent me a huge envelope, all decorated with drawings of acorns and oak leaves, full of "artificial silk" embroidery floss. I'm not certain how old the floss is, but based on the tags on some of the skeins, it looks to be from somewhere in the teens to the thirties of last century; I'm thinking possibly bungalow era. Very vintage, very nifty, shiny and pretty. I have seen old vintage embroidered house-linens and suchlike with similar materials used... Thank you so much, it will be fun to use this in various projects for around Acorn Cottage.
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An interesting bit about the use of focus and distraction... for various mostly boring reasons, I've had several blood draws done in the last few weeks. This is always a difficult process, even for a good tech, as my veins seem to be as tiny as my wrists. The tech at the most recent one, though, did something I've never before experienced, which helped a lot... while the process was going on, she held my hand and gently rubbed her finger in circles on the back of my wrist. (no, she wasn't being flirty!) By doing this, it gave me something else tactile to focus on, rather than the process and the pain, and greatly eased the entire event. I thanked her for making it significantly less traumatic than usual, though I do my best to relax and calm during, this simple act made a huge difference.

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  1. Our yard is waking up too, though we're not lucky enough to have a blooming fruit tree yet.