Sunday, March 13, 2011

our plucky heroine channels her inner geek

Today's clothing: polartec leggings, black/grey rayon long sleeve top, dark grey chambray dress, light grey chambray jumper, and to keep warm, my favorite handknit nightsky partlet. I had to do some serious adaptation of the knitting pattern to get it to fit properly, but it really keeps the chest/shoulders/neck warm.

Today's chores: basic householding, dishes, laundry, catch-up cleaning... interspersed with the delights of income tax form filling out. Have done a little sketching as well, some for projects, and some for my own amusement. Am really wanting to make time for sewing!! Feeling the need for additional long-sleeve tops, and want both overalls and an overall jumper with multi-pockets

Am also quite pleased with myself. Though not outstandingly geeky, I managed to get my computer back to playing tunes again... and managed to locate an alternative media program (this one, open source), check it out, download, scan, and install it on the computer here at Acorn Cottage. And guess what - it worked on first try! I can now reward myself periodically for tax prep tasks, by watching another beloved episode of Firefly. Happy happy me (well as happy as anyone spending the day doing arithmetic can be)

1 comment:

  1. If your partlet ever goes missing ,check my house
    for it.When I learn to knit one of those is on my list.