Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MeMadeMarch - day 8

Today's clothing: grey tunic with embroidered yoke, worn over my grey corduroy jumper. Handknit blue-grey wool scarf. While I love the combinations of fabric in the tunic, and it is soft and drapey which makes for comfortable wear, when looking at pictures of me wearing it, it really is not the most becoming garment, as it makes me look rather more chunky and shapeless than needs be.

While I am a short round woman, I actually do have a waist... Perhaps it is just my imagination, but I think I look better wearing my jumpers as the outer layer. There are things about clothing that become apparent only when looking at photos - not sure if the me in the photos is how I actually look to others, or if my critical eye is doing that artist thing of seeing the flaws first.
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  1. I love these colours too, but I have been admiring your jumper dresses for the last few days. Do you have a pattern for these? I'd love to make myself some :)

  2. Thank you for your appreciation! The pattern that I use is one that has be repeatedly adapted to my changing figure over many years, and bears little resemblance to the original. (it is a sleeveless dress with princess seams rather than darts) What I could to is send you information on some of my modifications, and you could then adapt a pattern that was more readily available to you, since I'm not sure what pattern lines are common in the UK. I'd be happy to email back and forth about suchlike, sewing and design is my absolute favorite thing, even more than metalwork...